Gabe's Organic Garden and Landscape

Hi there!

I'm Gabe. I would like to be your garden and landscape helper! In 2008 I started my company in order to provide an organic alternative to traditional landscaping. Every year, tons of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides end up in our lakes, rivers and streams. Like most of us Ashevillians, this concerns me. That is why I never use any products not approved by OMRI (the organic materials review institute). I also try to limit the use of engines in my work and use hand tools whenever possible. This not only produces less air pollution, but allows me to pay close attention to the plants and landscapes I am working on. Here are some of the practices I use to create beautiful, sustainable landscapes:

-No Chemical Fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides whatsoever.
-Use hand tools whenever possible.
-Plant native plants and plants that support the local ecosystem.
-Manage weeds and undesirable plants through careful plant selection.
-Use organic mulches to conserve water and help control weeds.
-Use companion planting when possible.
-Use water conserving drip irrigation when possible.

In addition to planting and maintaining landscapes, I also love to:
-Build stone retaining walls.
-Build stone or brick walkways and patios.
-Build beautiful wooden fences and other landscape carpentry.
-Install irrigation systems.
-Install low-voltage lighting systems.
-Dry creeks and french drains for rainwater runoff control.

Call me now to set up a free consultation. Let's make something beautiful together!
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